Our solutions

Keeping your workforce to a minimum while still being able to meet demand makes savvy business sense. Workforce Africa enables employers to do just that through staff outsourcing, which eliminates unnecessary labour costs associated with carrying idle staff.

We offer employers a legally compliant, fully managed solution covering all categories and levels of staff and labour, with the bottom-line benefits of improved productivity levels, without any staff administrative or legislative burdens.

  • Customised staff outsourcing solutions
  • Flexible pricing structures including productivity-based costing
  • Staffing: Contingency, projects, stand-by, industrial action, stay-aways and seasonal workforces
  • Labour pool management
  • Facilitating the implementation and/or administration of training, skills development, learnerships and internship initiatives
  • Occupational and primary healthcare services (OHS)
  • Legal and industrial relations services (representation and consultation services)
  • Payroll outsourcing services
  • Automated time and attendance systems
  • Employee support services

Industry knowledge

Due to our in-depth knowledge of human resources management, labour relations and the social development demands, as well as through our unique relationships with industry role players, we are one of the few organisations capable of serving employers across the board, in all industries. We understand that each client’s needs are different therefore our business systems and processes are structured in such a manner so as to accommodate the high level of flexibility and customisation our specialist business divisions are geared to deliver.

The Workforce group of companies is a leading, trusted provider of employment, training, healthcare, wellness and financial and lifestyle services to individuals and their employers.

Our human capital solutions include:

  • Temporary employment services
  • Permanent placement recruitment
  • Staff outsourcing and payroll management
  • Training and skills development
  • Disability solutions
  • Healthcare and employee wellness
  • Financial, insurance and lifestyle services
  • Business process outsourcing

Workforce Holdings Limited is listed on the AltX board of the JSE, employing over 1 100 permanent staff and paying approximately 35 000 temporary contractors weekly.